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Definition of "user" for ASA 5505 license compliance

I'm not sure which license I need as a Cisco newbie considering placing an ASA 5505 series firewall in front of a relatively simple web server configuration. What is the definition of a "user"?

The firewall would be in front of 1 management host and P reverse proxy load balancers, which are distributing traffic to W web servers. These hosts communicate internally with 1 dedicated log server and D database servers.

How many users would a Cisco 5505 appliance see? 1+P, 1+P+W, 1+P+W+D+1, etc?

Is the number of users based on how many MAC addresses are present on VLANs configured on the 5505?

Is the number of users based on the number of "internal" IP addresses? On the number of "internal" IP addresses communicating with the "outside"?

There must be other newbies with similar questions. Thanks for your patience and assistance.

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Re: Definition of "user" for ASA 5505 license compliance

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Re: Definition of "user" for ASA 5505 license compliance

User is based on the IP address present on your inside network. if your user is behind some proxy server and trying to access internet you could have a lot more accessing the net.

How many IP addresses communicate to the FW.

Only based on IP address.

Yes the number of users are based on the internal users.


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