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Determining software version on locked-out PIX

Hi! I suspect I have software version 6.2 on my PIX, however I am not sure.

I need to remove the password on my PIX and as I don't know what software version is on the device; I don't know what binary to grab for flashing.

Does anyone know how to determine what version is running on a locked-out device?

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Re: Determining software version on locked-out PIX


Connect your pc to the console, reboot the firewall and if my memory is right you will see the version near the bridge of Cisco..

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Re: Determining software version on locked-out PIX

I just tested this and the previous poster is correct, it also shows the version right after boot rom is loaded, tested on an asa 5550

Re: Determining software version on locked-out PIX

Thanks for the replys people, really. Cisco technical support are a HUGE joke. You ring up and they start vomitting all this termonology to you assuming you know what everything means. Then their ?English? speaking technical support which can't even speak English tell you to call another number, then you ring that number, and they say to ring another number, then no one even picks up at the other number. Seriously, Cisco is way too overated in my opinion.

The saddest part of my experience with Cisco is that there was an error with the PDM by design of my PIX software version, and it occurs by configuring the PIX in accordance with the user manual. Cisco enginears obviously assumed they are God's and overlooked running through their user manual instructions or never bothered to test the PDM correctly. Sure, experienced Cisco hardware users use CLI, but seriously, to allow that problem to occur just makes you wonder how great Cisco's quality control is.. After all though, my PIX was manufactured in Mexico LoL!

I regret buying Cisco.

But anyway, again, thanks!

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