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Difference between Firewall and Router

I can do VPN remote access configuration by using cisco firewall also I can do it using the cisco router by using the SDM program so what is the benefits from using the firewall or all of them are the same?

I mean it's recommended to use the firewill? if yes, why ?


Re: Difference between Firewall and Router

from what I am understanding with my PIX is that a firewall is cut and dry. There is only one way in and one way out. IOS on the other hand can adapt, reroute, etc.

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Re: Difference between Firewall and Router

The main functionality of a firewall is to keep your inside data network traffic INSIDE.

Router's main function is to move or re-route oogles of data traffic within your network. However, some routers have some form of firewall capabilities.

If you can't decide if you need to get a firewall or not, get a router first. Set it up to do your routing and then enable the firewall functions. If the data throughput is not what you desire, then "upgrade" to a firewall.

Does this help?

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Difference between Firewall and Router


1) WE can make Security-Level on Firewall,but router can't

2) We can make firewall in multiple context(Virtual Firewall) but router can't

3) We can create SSL VPN on Firewall,but router can't

4) Whenever a packet inspected by Firewall and another packet comes with same contents then firewall didn't check that packet,

  but router checks all packets.(show connections)

5) Firewall works as L2 and L3 both, but router only on L3.

6) Firewall inspects packets on L3 to L7 but router works on L3.

7) Firewall have Failover,router can't

8) Whenever we take trace,then firewall cannot comes on picture,but router always shows as a Hop Count.

Difference between Firewall and Router


Sometimes we really choose between the router 2901/2911/2921 and asa 5510/5520

the router may have additional functionality like voice, it supports the fxo fxs e1 adsl etc

When we choose we compare the price and performance

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