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New Member

Disturbing Traffic from ASA

We have an ASA that has a private IP on the outside interface (, and it's NATed to a public IP at the Internet router. While troubleshooting a problem, we looked at the NAT translations at the Internet router and saw the following for the ASA:

tcp x.x.x.251:443
tcp x.x.x.251:443
tcp x.x.x.251:443
udp x.x.x.251:443
tcp x.x.x.251:25941
tcp x.x.x.251:27288
tcp x.x.x.251:39315
tcp x.x.x.251:46456
tcp x.x.x.251:57384
tcp x.x.x.251:60003
tcp x.x.x.251:60623
tcp x.x.x.251:63408

The ASA accepts SSL VPN connections, so traffic to 443 on the ASA is understandable. However, no outbound traffic is NATed to the outside Interface of the ASA, so I was surprised to see traffic from the ASA to a few different public IPs on ports 80 and 1973. Does anyone know what these might be for? Thanks


Cisco Employee

Hi,I would recommend checking


I would recommend checking the connection information from the ASA device simultaneously using this command:- show conn all and then finding the IP addresses which it seems to be creating the connections to.

Do you have any Botnet filter enabled ?

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

New Member

I'll have to check on this

I'll have to check on this periodically. Right now, the only connections shown are my ssh and a handful of SSL VPN connections. Thanks for the assistance.


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