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double nat on ASA

Hello Gurus,

I have a problem with NAT. I need to do a statick NAT first and then afterwords do a Dynamic PAT. Is this possible on ASA.

On my inside network I have IP, there are users behind this network ( which only knows about And I have a DMZ which users on should reach. I can do this with a statick mapping on the fw. But the problem is that all IP's that access the DMZ must present themselves as the IP on the FW interface. So is this possible?

First Static NAT then Dynamic NAT ?

Please help

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Re: double nat on ASA

It's not clear what you are trying to do. Could you give a clear example based on source IP address, destination IP address and what you want to NAT.


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Re: double nat on ASA --- ( ROUTER1 ) --- --- ( FW ) --- --- ( ROUTER2 ) ---

The users on needs to access servers on, the only network know of is So therefore all connections must come from FW interface ( Here we can use Dynamic NAT

for network. But the problem is that doesnt know of and So we must do a static nat on network. Eg. static mapped to So what Im asking for is this possible, first do static nat and then do a dynamic nat after to

accomplish this. PS: I cannot nat on Router1 and Router2

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Re: double nat on ASA


static (outside,inside)

will allow the clients on to connect to which will then be translated to Obviously cannot be assigned to any device on the network.

The PAT you know how to do :-)


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