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Doubt with Log

Hello All

I have some doubts with log of ASA...

If someone help me

Jul 23 16:54:42 %ASA-4-313005: No matching connection for ICMP error message: icmp src outside: dst inside: (type 3, code 3) on outside interface.  Original IP payload: udp src dst = workstation = server

Why this message?

Maybe any drop in my network because of it???

How can I fix it?

Thanks anyway.


Cisco Employee

Doubt with Log

That means port is unreachable and from your error message since it's UDP/53, the DNS resolution either does not work, or it already passes through the timeout for DNS reply. As a safety measure the firewall will drop the packet if it doesn't receive the DNS reply within certain period of time, this is to prevent against DNS attack.

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Doubt with Log

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your answer..

hum... I have the port udp/53 allowed...

Maybe a problem with the server??? Or anything I need to do on ASA?

Cisco Employee

Doubt with Log

Yeah, seems like problem with the server if port is already allowed on the ASA.

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