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Error #733100 - drop rate-1 exceeded

Ok, I've read all the man pages and other discussions on this, so please don't just quote those back to me.  I know this is an aggregation of the various drop types and that there is no "set" value that you should set your thresholds at.  What I want to know is whether there is a way to tell what is triggering this message, ie: exactly what broke the threshold, something like source-IP or what ACL line is causing it?

If not, if this is simply a message that is going to be generated but you can't pull some specific information as to what generated the message, and thus tell whether its something you should take action on or ignore, is there a way to disable it all-together?  I already have the "Enable scanning threat detection" box un-checked, so that's not it!

Hey Cisco, if you're going to generate these messages, I'm sure there are >tons< of us who would like to know exactly what they mean, how to interpret them and what to do about them in more detail.  Your documentation is severely lacking!!

  • Firewalling

Re: Error #733100 - drop rate-1 exceeded

Apologies if you've already seen it...

Basic threat-detection is enabled by default and is disabled with:

    no threat-detection basic-threat

For an idea of what's causing the log messages:

    show threat-detection rate

also by default, statistics for access lists are enabled. If it's ACLs which are triggering the messages, i suppose the message IDs 106023 is the best place to look.

New Member

Re: Error #733100 - drop rate-1 exceeded


I've got the same message on my ASA.

Is it an attack or a general message?

What can i do to solve the problem?

I have attached the relevant syslog message from Kiwi Syslog Server.



Cisco Employee

Re: Error #733100 - drop rate-1 exceeded

I filed a documentation only defect a while ago:

This is a documentation only defect.  syslog message 733100 needs to include
"host drop" reason.

ASA-4-733100> [] drop rate-2 exceeded. Current burst rate is 0 per
second, max configured rate is 8; Current average rate is 5 per second,
max configured rate is 4; Cumulative total count is 38086



Issue "show run all threat-detection".
The number of triggers of different thresholds can be checked in "show
threat-detection rate".

Syslog 733100 is related to scanning-rate, adjusting this parameter should be
able to resolve too many messages showing up in the syslogs.

In this case, tuning the command "threat-detection rate scanning-rate 3600
average-rate 15" stopped too many of these messages being logged. In other
cases one may have to increase the scanning-rate and average-rate to a higher

The resolved syslog link:

New Member

Re: Error #733100 - drop rate-1 exceeded

Ok Sankar.

I can understood that this message is not a serious attack but it has to do with the current situation of the firewall. I mean, that my firewall is doing so many scannings and it raises a message about this.

I have increase the average rate and the burst rate and i will see tomorrow what is happens.

Am i right or not?

Cisco Employee

Re: Error #733100 - drop rate-1 exceeded

You are correct. Depending on your network and traffic that the firewall sees you may see these syslogs very often  and you may have to tune the settings so, you don't see too many of these too often.