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error %ASA-0-106100 since upgrade ASA 5510

I recently upgraded a ASA 5510 from 8.2(1) to 9.1(4). I went the path of 8.2(1) to 8.4(6) to 9.1(4).

Ever since, I have been getting the error %ASA-0-106100.
The ACE referenced is 
access-list outside_acl line 4 extended permit udp any4 host 10.x.x.x eq sip log emergencies interval 300.

There have been no config changes made. It began immediately after boot up to 9.1(4).

I removed the line, saved, and re-added exactly the same. 

The -0 in ASA-0-106100 is emegency level if I understand correctly.

The exact error is %ASA-0-106100: access-list outside_acl permitted udp Outside/208.x.x.x(5060) -> 
Inside/10.x.x.x(5060) hit-cnt 1 first hit [0x3022d358, 0x0]
I really don't know where to start. 


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I am experiencing the very

I am experiencing the very similar issue (same error message, also emergency level) with the same firewall but running 8.2(5).

Does anybody know what this could indicate?

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Hi,This is the Syslog which


This is the Syslog which is enabled if you configure the "log" keyword with the ACE.

Now , you additionally changed the severity to Emergency and that is the reason why you see "0" in the logs.

Now , the log is that the traffic is permitted so i don't this it is more than an informational message.

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

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