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Exchange 2010 OWA and ASA5510 - Wrong URL?

I'm in the final steps of migrating my customer's Exchange server from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  I've got all the mailboxes moved and am testing the OWA access.  Under Exchange 2003, the internal/external users were able to access OWA thru the following URL:

It would pop up a login box, they'd put in their domain info and get connected to their mailbox.

After migrating to Exchange 2010, the user had to change the URL to httpS:// or httpS://, but it worked internally.  When I test it externally, I get the following page:

I  have next to no experience with Cisco devices, management, and/or maintenance, but what I've found in my research points to an issue w/ our ASA5510 and the port 443 required by the SSL connection to the Exchange server.  Any help to resolve this issue so that my external users will be able to access OWA would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Exchange 2010 OWA and ASA5510 - Wrong URL?


Can you check the output of the following commands

show run http

show run webvpn

These are basically the 2 services that utilize the port TCP/443 port on the ASA.

The first commands output will show some settings related to the ASDM which is the GUI for the ASA management. The second command output will show settings related to the SSL VPN.

Both of these services can be modified to use some other port than TCP/443 which would leave the port free for your server.

I assume that you only have one public IP address at your disposal which is configured on the ASA interface and you have no extra public IP address? Otherwise this should be no problem at all.

Naturally if you change the port on ASDM or SSL VPN it will cause some inconvinience for users of those services. Ofcourse you have the option to map the local TCP/443 port of the server to some other public port like TCP/444 but again this might cause inconvinience to the users also.

- Jouni

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