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Exclude IP address from DHCP pool on ASA


I configured DHCP server on ASA 5505. Its working fine.

Now I want to exclude one IP address from configured DHCP pool.

Please guide me for same.


Dhaval Dikshit


Exclude IP address from DHCP pool on ASA

Hi Dhaval,

The ASA does not have any exclude command as the IOS has, but what you can do is, exclude those IP addresses from the scope itself, like you have an ip range og, so if you need lets say first 10 ip's for teh servers, then you can define the range as:

dhcpd address -

and firewall woudl not assign IP's from those 10.

Hope that helps



Thanks, Varun Rao Security Team, Cisco TAC

Exclude IP address from DHCP pool on ASA

The only way to exclude address in DHCP on the ASA is to not include those address in the DHCP scope of addresses.



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Re: Exclude IP address from DHCP pool on ASA

Good information.  Anyone know what will happen to "connected" users if the pool is changed?  For example, let's say I currently have users connected and using IP addresses, .11, 12, etc.  and then I change the pool to only allow through  Will the users be disconnected or will their session remain intact?  I need to change a pool, but don't want to disconnect current users.  Thanks!

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Exclude IP address from DHCP pool on ASA


I checked this with changing my WLAN interfaces pool to something different than the current setting.

I couldnt see any problem with connectivity doing this. I imagine the host will probably get a new IP address eventually since the old binding will be cleared from the ASA:

I used a new command to enter the new desired pool without first removing the old one. Though I am not sure if this really matters compared to just removing the old pool and inserting a new one.

- Jouni

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