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Exporting all objects to a spreadsheet

Dear All,

For documentation purpose i have to export all the network object to a spreadsheet with 3 columns (object-name, ip, description)

With the PIX it was an easy task to perform with quick shell script (to create a csv file) as PIX was using the name directive (name YOUROBJECT

But now i wonder how-to do it properly with ASA as it is more complicated entries...

object network TEST


description This is a test host

Is there any existing tool where i can put my running-config on to perform that action ?

Please let me know.

Kind regards,

Cisco Employee

Exporting all objects to a spreadsheet

Hi David,

I'm not aware of any tools that will do this. A custom shell or expect script is probably your best bet.

The output of 'show run object' will always be output in the same format, so you'd need to parse the output into separate lines. Line 1 will always be the object name. Line 2 will be the IP address, subnet, or range. Line 3 will be the description (if applicable). You'd have to build in some logic to see if the object includes a description or the next line starts a new object.

Hope that helps.


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