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failover active/standby on 5550s with two different licenses.

I have two 5550s that I'm trying to set up active/standby failover.  One has 5000 Shared SSL VPN license and the other has base.  How do I configure failover in this senario?  I've been trying to find a documentation on Cisco.  So far, no luck...  Any help or suggestions are welcome!

Cisco Employee

Re: failover active/standby on 5550s with two different licenses

What version of software are you running on the ASA?

Version prior to 8.3, you would need to be running the same hardware, software, including the license.

Version 8.3 onwards, you only need to be running the same hardware and software, and license can be different.

In terms of failover configuration, it is configured in the same fashion (no software dependant).

Hope that answers your question.

Cisco Employee

Re: failover active/standby on 5550s with two different licenses

Added to what Jennifer mentioned.

Refer this link:

Failover License Requirements

Failover units do not require the same license on each unit.

Older versions of adaptive security appliance software required that the licenses match on each unit. Starting with Version 8.3(1), you no longer need to install identical licenses. Typically, you buy a license only for the primary unit; for Active/Standby failover, the secondary unit inherits the primary license when it becomes active. If you have licenses on both units, they combine into a single running failover cluster license.

For the ASA 5505 and 5510 adaptive security appliances, both units require the Security Plus license; the Base license does not support failover, so you cannot enable failover on a standby unit that only has the Base license.


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