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Failover on 2 ASA 5505 ?

Hello All,

I am recently purchased 2 Cisco 5505 ASA for my network. I am having 2 ISP Connections. I want to connect these 2 connections to the 2 ASA's. Means ISP 1 to ASA 1 & ISP 2 to ASA 2.

I want to do failover on this network. I dont have router in network. ISP Links are directly connected to ASA.

Is Failover possible on 2 ASA without Router ?

If so Then Please tell me how to do that ?


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Re: Failover on 2 ASA 5505 ?

hi vinayak

well failover of asa means using asa for high availability, from what i understand i think you are looking forward for failover or isp links

this is what you can do

use the asa is failover for high availability and use configure sla monitoing on them for isp link high availability

if you want to use separate asa for separate isp then you will need a router in between

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Re: Failover on 2 ASA 5505 ?


Thanks for reply.

Yes, i want to connect seprate ISP to seprate ASA.

But I dont have router in my network.

So, Is Failover possible without router ?  Is there any other way to do failover on 2 ASA connected to diffrent ISP ?

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Re: Failover on 2 ASA 5505 ?

no unfortunately there isnt

as i mentioned before the only way out is to do sla monitoring and if you want you can use asa in failover (but this will be only for device and not isp)

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