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Firewall and Wireless Router

I have a PIX 501 Firewall which is connected to an internet port on the wall. The firewall is connected via ethernet to a Netgear WNR1000 wireless router. I want to connect to the internet wirelessly with my computers.

Say the Firewall is assigned an IP address of by the DHCP server of this office. I currently have the firewall set to handle DHCP for this seperate internal network giving a range of From that, the connected router is assigned an IP of The router also has DHCP, but I want the computers connected to it to be assigned IP addresses by the firewall in that same range, not by the router. If I disable DHCP on the router, the computers don't connect. How would I go about doing this correctly?

I'm just starting out in networking, so I'd appreciate any help with this.

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Firewall and Wireless Router

I'm not sure why you are using DHCP for the firewall and router IP addresses. I would just assign them statically and use the wireless router as a DHCP server for the clients.

Example: Clients DHCP range


Default route for the router would be

The IP addresses are just examples. Sorry for the shabby diagram, hope it makes sense.

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