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Firewall Support

I have a ASA 5540,and i have one ISP link connected to outside interface and now i want to connect one more 2 mbps another isp line to them is it poosible to connect with the use of extended 4ge ssm card.can a firewall support two ISP lines at a time.


Re: Firewall Support

hello chetan

that shouldnt be an issue.. the biggest challenge is on the routing front ! Are you going to use the second ISP line for only a particular user subnet ? The first as primary & second as backup ?? there are too many multihoming scenarios ... If that is the case, I would recommend you to buy a small router which can take these internet links, and do BGP & other advance routing features, and the ASA should do what it is best at (stateful firewalling, IPS, etc)....

I would minimise many configs on ASA, and let it do firewalling to the best of its effort, since no one wants to compromise on security !

Hope this helps..


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Re: Firewall Support


See whats the scenario is there i have 1MBPS ISP line connected to my ASA 5540 and everything like internet web hosting,applications all are working fine,but without disturbing the present scenario i want to add another 2 MBPS ISP line to the ASA 5540 to host another applications of new project.Is it poosible... becoz there is no more port available on asa and if i upgrade ASA with a card 4GE SSM,can both work simultaneously without affecting traffic.

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