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Frequent disconnections on PIX


I have a PIX 506E and have problems with frequent disconnections on LAN side.

E1 interface is connected to the switch and a server and workstation are connected to the switch. After 10-15 minutes I am not able to browse the internet both from server and workstation. Testing and results as below

Switch in place - E1 to switch - server

- Stops browsing after 10-15 minutes

- Can still ping the pix unit from the server. Doing a continuous ping and no time outs

- But cannot telnet to pix from server

- Can see the pix E1 interface is up, line protocol up and connected with full duplex with no errors

- Cannot ping the server from PIX

- Windows firewall disabled on server

- Server NIC connected to Auto and also tested with 100full

- Can ping external IP from PIX console which tells me there is no problem with Internet

Switch in place - E1 to switch - workstation

- Same as above

Connected E1 directly to server/workstation

- Same as above

On all the above tests, initially I rebooted the PIX unit and the connection comes back up. At one point I did a shut and unshut on E1 interface and the connection between the PIX and the server was up.

Seems to me it is PIX E1 interface hardware issue. Any suggestions please?

Thank you

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Re: Frequent disconnections on PIX

Can someone advise on this please?

Community Member

Re: Frequent disconnections on PIX

How many devices behind the pix traverse the outside interface (go out to the internet)?

What is the inside host licensing on the pix?

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Re: Frequent disconnections on PIX

I am only testing with 1 computer at this stage.

Community Member

Re: Frequent disconnections on PIX

Turns out the problem is with the fan and the PIX is gettin so hot.

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