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FTP behind a pix515

Ok, I am trying to have an FTP server (eFTP if it matters) in my web dmz. Basically have the server with a private performing NAT to a public address, no big deal, I have enabled the appropriate port for forwarding (21) - and I can set what other ports my server uses for data transfer etc, however I CANNOT get this thing to work. Anyone have a good resource to look at? I know the passive - active mode comes into play but I havn't found any good docs. I have enable ALL ip traffic from the client ip address to the server and still nothing - I must be missing something!

Thanks, elliott

Community Member

Re: FTP behind a pix515

Do you have an inspect ftp in your config.You can add that line if you using 7.0 and above and see how it goes.

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Re: FTP behind a pix515

I am running 7.2(2) - I will try the inspect option.

Thanks, Mike

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