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New Member

FWSM and QoS

Dear All,

i have a Cisco 6509 switch with a FWSM installed on it.

This switch is connected to onother 6509/FWSM in another site.

And the two switches is connected using Giga Ethernet but the provisioned BW from the service provider is 80Mbps.

So i want to know if i can shape the exit traffic to be 80Mbps instead of the access rate (1Giga).

the network look as the following




Re: FWSM and QoS

in this case and also the best practice

is to make the MSFC facing the WAN or the 80Mbps connection


in this design u gonna be able to manage the WAN connectivity with more options and flexablity

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New Member

Re: FWSM and QoS

Many Thanks,

In Fact my switch look as follow:


and the IP from the WAN Side is configured in the FWSM.

I think i need to remove VLAN 10 from the FWSM group and configure VLAN 10 IP on the MSFC.

and in this case all the routing will be removed from the WAN context FW to the MSFC.

but Is the 6509 MSFC support traffic shaping?


Re: FWSM and QoS

Egress QoS is performed on the egress linecard port - features include , queue scheduling, congestion avoidance and in some linecards, shaping.

6500(config-pmap)# class ABC123

6500(config-pmap-c)# ?

QoS policy-map class configuration commands:

bandwidth Bandwidth

exit Exit from QoS class action configuration mode

fair-queue Enable Flow-based Fair Queuing in this Class

no Negate or set default values of a command

police Police

priority Strict Scheduling Priority for this Class

queue-limit Queue Max Threshold for Tail Drop

random-detect Enable Random Early Detection as drop policy

service-policy Configure QoS Service Policy

set Set QoS values

shape Traffic Shaping

good luck

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