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FWSM failed to respond.

FWSM module suddenly stopped responding, I was not able to access the module and FW context. Network was down so I decided it to reboot through switch (hardware module reset) and now it is working fine.

Any one can guide me to find out a root cause of the problem.

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Re: FWSM failed to respond.

The failover feature allows a standby FWSM to take over the functionality of a failed FWSM. The two FWSMs involved must have the same major (first number) and minor (second number) software version, license, and operating modes (routed or transparent, single or multiple context). When the active unit fails, the state changes to standby, while the standby unit moves into the active state. After a failover occurs, the same connection information is available at the new active unit.

Re: FWSM failed to respond.

Hi Dinesh,

Do you have syslogs from both the switch and from the FWSM leading up to and during the time of the problem? These may be valuable in determining a root cause.

Also, check the output of 'show crash' to see if the FWSM recorded a crash file.

Hope that helps.


Re: FWSM failed to respond.

Please check the syslog of both the host switch and the FWSM for any errors.



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Re: FWSM failed to respond.

what is the software version you are running...

I had same kind of issue. was running FWSM Version 3.1(4).The Cisco TAC has come back saying that there is a BUG in the present Software Release running on the FWSM which led to the failure of the FWSM. The BUG id is CSCs165187. They have also suggested an IOS upgrade to the Software Release 3.1.9.

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Re: FWSM failed to respond.


With regards to the bug the above, is that the correct number as I think I have come up against it but unable to find any information on the number.

Any help would be good..

Many Thanks MJ

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