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FWSM Failover - Possible with different hardware versions?

Hi, I need to replace a FWSM module currently running as the primary unit in a failover configuration installed in two 6509s. The replacement FWSM module is a newer hardware version than the current module it is to replace. Obviously I will ensure the same IOS and licenses are installed on the new module but will having a difference in the hardware versions affect the failover configuration?

The faulty module being replaced has the following hardware config:

HW 3.0

FW 7.2(1)

The replacement module has the following config:

HW 4.2

FW 7.2(1)

Thanks in advance for any help..


Re: FWSM Failover - Possible with different hardware versions?

Daniel, this is a good question for TAC. I do not see any ducumentation on FWSM requiering to be same Hardware version, the failover requires same code and you are correct on that one. I don't think hardware version diferences may affect failover, I would suggest to have it cleared by TAC.


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Hello, You've had an answer



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Hi,Just wanted to answer this


Just wanted to answer this query.

HW version is irrelevant for the module to be in HA pair. We only have the check for the Software code on the module.

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

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