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FWSM - object-group error

Hi folks,

got htis error and wondered if any one else experienced this and what the solution was.

object-group service AD_Client_Ports tcp-udp

port-object eq 135

ERROR: Unable to add, access-list config limit reached

Adding obj to object-group (AD_Client_Ports) failed; cause access-list error

However I was able to add an entry to an acl using 'eq 135' instead of an object-group.


Community Member

Re: FWSM - object-group error

Are you running the FWSM in single or multiple context mode?

Sounds like you have reached the ACL limit set by your resource partition.

If running in multi context mode by default 12 partition are configured, and depending on your software version, you will have a maximum of approx 11000 ACLs you can configure.

When using the object group depending on the number of src, dst addresses and services you could be adding a large number of rules, hence why it works when just adding the single port instead of the OG.

You can re-partition the firewall to increase the number of resources available per partition. This does require a reboot to take effect.

Using the 'resource acl-artition ' command.

Reducing to 8 partitions for instance would increase the acls limit to approx 20k.

If you running v4.x code you can now manually adjust the number of ACLs per partition, without re-paritioning the firewall.



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