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FWSM Production - Unable to get into 'Config t'


I am stuck in Production environment. I did some changes. And now I am not able to do 'config t' on FWSM. THe response is 'ERROR: Command authorization failed'

Currently, there are total of 3 users. One is privilege level 2 (admin) and other two belong to privilege level 5. No user for privilege level 15.

I get into FWSM via ssh directly or via ssh into 6500 and then sessioning into FWSM.

How can I retain the privilege level 15 on FWSM. I am not close to the 6500 so I have not tried direct console.

I have not saved the configurations. The last change I did was 'aaa authorization command LOCAL' while 'aaa authentiction enable console LOCAL' was already present. Since there was no user with privilege level 15, and the admin was on level 2, now I am restricted to everything.

The current user config is while doing sh run

username admin password xxxxx encrypted

enable password yyyyyy encrypted

Please assist.


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Re: FWSM Production - Unable to get into 'Config t'

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Re: FWSM Production - Unable to get into 'Config t'

Thanks. Is there a way to recover from lock out situation without doing FWSM reboot.

I would like to avoid it since it is in Production.

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