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FWSM transparent mode

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue, and possibly suggest a best course of action to take.

I have 14 vlans on a 6509, and I need all traffic passing between these vlans to be filtered by the FWSM. Each vlan has an SVI that I would like to use as default gateways, so that I can run HSRP for failover (I have 2 further 6509's on the LAN that will become the active gateways in turn if the primary fails). If I just had 2 6509's I would use the FWSM as the gateway and rely on firewall failover to provide redundancy, but it is introducing the 3rd 6509 that is creating the problem.

At the moment I see my only options as being to create 2 security contexts on the FWSMs and split the 14 required bridging groups (1 per vlan) between the 2, or to create 14 contexts (1 for each vlan), and have the FWSM in transparent mode.

Can anybody provide any further insight in to this for me, or recommend an approach for implementing 3 6509s with FWSM to the network with automatic failover to all 3?

Please let me know if you need any further information on the setup.

Many thanks in advance.

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