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giving access to a specific website on ASA

Hey there.

I cannot access a certain website, and when i go to the site, it brings up the IP of my ASA firewall. Is there a way to add the website for my vlan?

or give me the command?

p.s. I can access through (web proxy website)

Cisco Employee

Re: giving access to a specific website on ASA

Before we can provide assistance, we will need alot more information. In particular:

1.) Which computer is trying to access the website?

2.) Which interface does this computer reside off of on the ASA?

3.) Which is the egress interface?

4.) Which website is this computer trying to access?

5.) How is this computer being NATed?

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Re: giving access to a specific website on ASA

All computers on VLAN 17 is trying to access a certain website.

It resides off Interface 0/3

the websites is, and

The egress interface is 0/2 i believe.

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