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hardware vpn box to box doubt

hi all,

im planing to put ASA 5510 at my HQ and for branch office if i go for 515E i will be able to establish VPN in network extension mode ( hope this is calles hardware based VPN). For this kind of setup whats the PIX OS required for both these equipments.i need to go for a 3DES licence for pix 515E that is for my branch pix.

and is there special OS feature set required for ASA 5510.

please help.i will rate all the posts.




Re: hardware vpn box to box doubt

Re: hardware vpn box to box doubt

ASA's nowadays come with OS 7.x... its kinda router like CLI on the ASA & PIX with the 7.x IOS.. to establish VPN, the IOS really does not matter.. u can still establish VPN between a PIX with 6.3 OS and ASA with 7.x IOS...

For 3 DES , just see in the show version of the boxes, if it is enabled.. if not, u can get it free by mailing to, with ur serial numbers...

Hope this helps.. rate replies if found useful..


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Re: hardware vpn box to box doubt

hi sachin tnxs for ur reply

im planning for 1mb dsl line at branch office and at HQ 12k kbps internet leased line with public ip, so when i establish a hardware vpn what will be my bandwidth.


Re: hardware vpn box to box doubt

Bandwidth will be same but you get higher latency thanks encryption overhead (firewall must encrypt/decrypt packet and it takes some time)

You can get VAC or VAC+ card in place (its additional HW for improving of encryption performance)

in this document you have some tables with encryption performance impact


Hope that helps rate if it does

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