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Have Checkpoint but want to add ASA SSL VPN

I have 5 static public IP addresses at my disposal. A checkpoint firewall with VPN access provides remote access for mobile users. How would I go about integrating the ASA 5505 SSL VPN into this network so some mobile users could continue using the checkpoint VPN client while others could have SSL VPN remote access? Attached is a graphic of the network.

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Re: Have Checkpoint but want to add ASA SSL VPN

What is the connection type to the Internet? It's probably easiest to put a switch outside the checkpoint and address the external side of the Asa directly. If not possible, put a dmz off the checkpoint, nat one of the ISP addresses to the external of the Asa and put the internal Asa interface on the internal network.

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Re: Have Checkpoint but want to add ASA SSL VPN

Hello Jeff,

The Internet connection type is CAT5 Ethernet. As you suggested I installed an Ethernet switch between the Checkpoint router and the ISP provided equipment. So yes, I could connect the ASA Outside port to the switch and assign it one of the available public IP addresses.

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