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Help! Known answer test(KAT) fails, PIX-525

Copyright (c) 1996-2003 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government is

subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraph

(c) of the Commercial Computer Software - Restricted

Rights clause at FAR sec. 52.227-19 and subparagraph

(c) (1) (ii) of the Rights in Technical Data and Computer

Software clause at DFARS sec. 252.227-7013.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

170 West Tasman Drive

San Jose, California 95134-1706

An internal error occurred. Specifically, a programming assertion was

violated. Copy the error message exactly as it appears, and get the

output of the show version command and the contents of the configuration

file. Then call your technical support representative.

assertion "result" failed: file "crypto_nist_tests.c", line 406

Thread Name: initpix/intf5 (Old pc 0x00116139 ebp 0x031209c0)


0: 004c811d

1: 0030459e

2: 002f12a8

3: 002f13cc

4: 001036f5

5: 00000000

vector 0x00000003 (breakpoint)

edi 0x00304490

esi 0x00000196

ebp 0x03120a30

esp 0x03120a24

ebx 0x00304497

edx 0x000003fd

ecx 0x0000000a

eax 0x00000040

error code n/a

eip 0x004cba2c

cs 0x00000008

eflags 0x00000246

CR2 0x00000000

Stack dump: base:0x0311eb2c size:8192, active:392

0x03120b28: 0x00000005

0x03120b24: 0x002f1364

0x03120b20-0x03120b1c: 0x00000000

0x03120b18-0x03120afc: 0x12345678

0x03120af8: 0x00000005

0x03120af4: 0x001036f5

0x03120af0: 0x03120b1c

0x03120aec-0x03120adc: 0x12345678

0x03120ad8: 0x00000000

0x03120ad4-0x03120ad0: 0x12345678

0x03120acc: 0x002f12ec

0x03120ac8: 0x039eddfc

0x03120ac4: 0x002f13cc

0x03120ac0: 0x03120af0

0x03120abc: 0x12345678

0x03120ab8: 0x12000035

0x03120ab4: 0x2f000035

0x03120ab0: 0x2f706972

0x03120aac: 0x00000000

0x03120aa8: 0x00000001

0x03120aa4: 0x002f12a8

0x03120aa0: 0x03120ac0

0x03120a9c: 0x00304420

0x03120a98: 0x0030441b

0x03120a94: 0x00000005

0x03120a90: 0x00000080

0x03120a8c: 0x00106f4d

0x03120a88: 0x039ede10

0x03120a84: 0x00106f9b

0x03120a80-0x03120a7c: 0x00000000

0x03120a78: 0x039eddfc

0x03120a74: 0x00304516

0x03120a70: 0x00304490

0x03120a6c: 0x00000196

0x03120a68: 0x00304497

0x03120a64: 0x0030459e

0x03120a60: 0x03120aa0

0x03120a5c: 0x00000000

0x03120a58: 0x00000001

0x03120a54: 0x00000014

0x03120a50: 0x0050cd88

0x03120a4c: 0x00000000

0x03120a48: 0x000000f0

0x03120a44: 0x00000196

0x03120a40: 0x00304497

0x03120a3c: 0x00304490

0x03120a38: 0x004c80b0

0x03120a34: 0x004c811d

0x03120a30: 0x03120a60

0x03120a2c: 0x00000246

0x03120a28: 0x00000008

0x03120a24: 0x004cba2c *

0x03120a20: 0x00000040

0x03120a1c: 0x0000000a

0x03120a18: 0x000003fd

0x03120a14: 0x00304497

0x03120a10: 0x03120a24

0x03120a0c: 0x03120a30

0x03120a08: 0x00000196

0x03120a04: 0x00304490

0x03120a00: 0x00000003

0x031209fc: 0x00104ef1

0x031209f8: 0x03120a30

0x031209f4: 0x00000246

0x031209f0: 0x00000008

0x031209ec: 0x004cba2c

0x031209e8: 0x00000040

0x031209e4: 0x0000000a

0x031209e0: 0x000003fd

0x031209dc: 0x00304497

0x031209d8: 0x03120a24

0x031209d4: 0x03120a30

0x031209d0: 0x00000196

0x031209cc: 0x00304490

0x031209c8: 0x00000003

0x031209c4: 0x031209c8

0x031209c0: 0x031209f0

0x031209bc: 0x03ad000a

0x031209b8: 0x00304490

0x031209b4: 0x00000196

0x031209b0: 0x00304497

0x031209ac: 0x031209c0

0x031209a8: 0x00000000

0x031209a4: 0x00000005

Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(3)122

Cisco PIX Device Manager Version 3.0(1)

Compiled on Fri 05-Mar-04 06:36 by morlee

pixfirewall up 5 secs

Hardware: PIX-525, 256 MB RAM, CPU Pentium III 600 MHz

Flash E28F128J3 @ 0x300, 16MB

BIOS Flash AM29F400B @ 0xfffd8000, 32KB

Encryption hardware device : IRE2141 with 2048KB, HW:1.0, CGXROM:1.9, FW:6.5



Re: Help! Known answer test(KAT) fails, PIX-525

PIX Firewall Summary:

Platform : PIX-525

Version : 6.3(3)122

Flash size: 16MB

Ram size : 256MB

INFO: This PIX firewall has a VPN accelerator card installed. The VPN Accelerator

Card (VAC) for the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall series provides high-performance,

tunneling and encryption services suitable for site-to-site and remote access applications.

Offloading encryption functions to the card not only improves IPsec encryption

processing, but also maintains high-end firewall performance.

INFO: The serial number listed is for the flash memory BIOS. This number is different

from the serial number on the chassis. When you get a software upgrade, you will

need the serial number that appears in the show version command, not the chassis number.



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