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HELP!! Pix 515E with a Game Server

Ok I have a 515E pix firewall and I am trying to setup a Counter Strike Server. I enabled the necessary ports through the ACL. However when I try getting to the server on the inside/outside interface my server does not show up in the LAN or Favorites when I try looking for the IP. Can anyone help me with what other commands are needed or something I missed?

The Setup is a DMZ (game server), Inside interface, and the outside (internet).

The ip scheme is

inside int.

dmz int.

outside int.

I have setup NAT for the inside to get to the dmz, dmz to the inside, and I have setup a static for outside to the dmz. All int are 100full duplex.

Here are the ports Needed for the counter-strike server to run

[UDP] 1200 (Used for Steam?s Friends service)

[UDP] 27000 to 27015 inclusive

[TCP] 27030 to 27039 inclusive

These are all Steam related ports

[UDP] 27015 and 27020 (Default dedicated server port, also used for HLTV)

[TCP] 27015 (For RCON access)

These ports are used by the dedicated server itself

If anyone has any ideas please fill me in!! Thanks.


Re: HELP!! Pix 515E with a Game Server

I think first if you can take out your game server and bring it in the same LAN as one of your clinet PC's and try to run it as game server. This will help to eliminate any possible misconfiguration on the server itself. Also run a sniffer trace on the server to check what ports it is actively using. Do the same on your client PC also and then open any other required ports.

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Re: HELP!! Pix 515E with a Game Server

Thanks!! I noticed some ports that I didnt permit, works great!! Thanks.

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