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Help with 506e - Please!

I inherited a network with 2 506e firewalls. For some reason they can only be accessed from one specific PC. Of course, it's not my PC. I was informed that "it is very sensitive to the Java version that is loaded" and that mine may be the wrong version.

Ideas anyone??

Is there a way for force a logon to a 506e? (I hope).


Re: Help with 506e - Please!

Because you said that it's "...sensitive to the Java version...", I'm assuming that you're trying to access it via PDM (web browser)?

Can you get to it through telnet on your pc? If so, you'll need to see if your address/subnet is allowed to use the PDM on the PIX. The line will look like:

pdm location inside

If your address isn't in there, then you won't be able to get to it. Also, the PDM/ASDM have had problems in the past with newer java clients, so if your address is listed, you may want to downgrade your client.

Is there a way for force a logon to a 506e? (I hope).

No, there's not. You are either listed to be able to access it or you'll need to use a computer that's allowed access to it.



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