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How do I throttle bandwidth by IP via ASA 5505?

I am in a public library setting and have a simple LAN with wired and wireless clients all within the same IP range. I provide open wireless access for patrons. There are never more than 20 total laptops using the network at a time, but sometimes we reach our maximum output on our bandwidth due to one or a few of our wireless users. This slows down staff computers. I am new to networking and can basically navigate the ASDM for my Cisco ASA 5505 (v7.2), but I am not familiar with a lot of the terminology and am a bit overwhelmed by the online manual for the unit. Is there a somewhat simple way to set up bandwidth throttling by IP address (range of 70 IPs are set aside for wireless) so I can give priority to our wired machines? What information do I need to set this up? Thanks!


Re: How do I throttle bandwidth by IP via ASA 5505?

Since it seems like you are looking to police the traffic that goes to the Internet, here is a link that may help

Cisco Employee

Re: How do I throttle bandwidth by IP via ASA 5505?

Also has an config for policing and prioritization example.

It shows you how to identify and police the traffic that you need.

I hope it helps.


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