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How to apply a new startup config to ASA active member and also force it to standby member


I have pair of ASA 5550 and I am trying to copy a new config to my member1 (active) as the new configuration I want to use for the pair.  I want to copy this to start-up config on member1 and then reload member1 and have it copy the same config to member2 (stdby).  I guess I am trying to understand if I copy the configuration to member1 and reload it, member 2(stdby) will have become active and try to copy the old configuration to member1 which I do not want. 

Can someone help me get the commands straight that I need to execute to make sure the new startup config gets to both members without being overwritten?


Cisco Employee

How to apply a new startup config to ASA active member and also

If you are going to start from scratch and apply a new config anyway, I would suggest that you clear the config on both ASA, and copy the config the running config to ASA-1. Because otherwise if you copy it to start-up and reload the active ASA, the other unit will become the active, and will override the configuration. Even though the standby unit does not become the active unit, if you have a totally different configuration on ASA-1, then it would become a mess as the 2 configurations are different.

If it's a brand new configuration, then i would suggest uploading the config to the primary ASA start-up, then "write erase" both current config, reload both ASA. The secondary ASA needs to be configured with a few failover command, and primary ASA will automatically sync the config once secondary ASA has been configured with those failover comamnds.

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