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I need advice on redirecting WCCP to an Ironport on an ASA DMZ

My internal network is which all hosts that access the Internet belong to. I have configured the internal router with WCCPv2 and the IP address is

I have an Ironport S160 on an ASA DMZ network which is I have configured the standard WCCP service "web-cache" on the Ironport and pointed it to the WCCPv2 router address

I get the message from IE "page cannot be displayed", and users cannot access the Internet. I think this may be an issue with the Ironport or the ASA. Do I have to configure WCCP on the ASA as well as the router, and what address should I point the Ironport to, the ASA or the Router?

Can anyone point me to a configuration example of what I am trying to do, which is basically use WCCPv2 to redirect web traffic to an Ironport S160, which is on a DMZ network.

I know the DMZ is accessable as users can access the Internet when the proxy server is added to the browser.

Cisco Employee

Re: I need advice on redirecting WCCP to an Ironport on an ASA D

Here is the link to configuring the ASA for WCCP.

WCCP redirect is supported only on the ingress of an interface. The only topology that the security appliance supports is when client and cache engine are behind the same interface of the security appliance and the cache engine can directly communicate with the client without going through the security appliance.

As far as why the Router is not able to re-direct requests to Iron port on the ASA, you need to check the ASA to see if there is proper translation for the router to go to the dmz.

Community Member

Re: I need advice on redirecting WCCP to an Ironport on an ASA D

So does this mean that under no circumstances is it possible to use WCCP when clients are located on one ASA Security interface (inside) and the Ironport is on another (dmz), or can I still do this with no configuration on the ASA and like you have said check the ACL, and translation rules on the ASA.

Apologies for my confusion but I am new to Ironport.

Cisco Employee

Re: I need advice on redirecting WCCP to an Ironport on an ASA D

That means if you configure WCCP on the ASA then, we need to make sure the clients and the WCCP server are off the same interface. If you have the Iron Port unit in the DMZ, then you can only re-direct the DMZ hosts web-requests to the Iron Port unit.

If you are going to configure WCCP on a router on the inside and Iron port is on the DMZ so, long as proper translation is provided and permission for the flow is present, it should work fine. In this case the ASA will not be configured for WCCP. The flow between the inside routers and Iron port will be just like any other flow through the firewall.

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