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Initial 5505 setup --L2L & local internet access


Last time i configured a firewall was a Pix520 (yes, a 520) so I understand a lot has changed. My goal is to setup an offsite with a 5505 that will go out over it's local cable for basic internet access, but for corporate access they will go over a vpn tunnel to connect to my 3005 Concentrator. Long term i'd like to try to apply some QOS and test ip phones over cable.

Attached is the current setup. Most of this was hacked from some cisco l2l vpn docs i found online.

My first hurdle is that it can't link to the outside world to save it's life. It's dhcp right now can can't get an address, when i hard-coded the outside interface, i couldn't see it's neighbor on the /30 subnet. I could trigger the xlate and saw that created successfully, but couldn't get a response (not sure if traffic was going out either).

It's been a while....where should i start first? :)


Re: Initial 5505 setup --L2L & local internet access

Configure your PC to use DHCP (to receive an IP address automatically from the adaptive security appliance), which enables the PC to communicate with the ASA 5505 and the Internet. The Following URL will Help you:

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