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Installing PDM on Pix 525

Hello all,

I'm trying to get v.2.11 of the Cisco PDM installed on a PIX 525. I'm currently running v. 7.2.4 of the Cisco IOS. However, when I try to use the command 'copy tftp flash:pdm' it says the specified file is too large for the flash memory. When I do a 'show flash', I only have 2 files in there, the image file (8478776 bytes) and a tiny config file (2185 bytes). The PDM file I'm trying to copy over is about 4MB and I have about 7MB of free space left on flash. How come I'm getting this 'not enough space on device' error? Someone proposed that it may be because it needs to uncompress the file and there may not be enough total space to do so.

If there are any solutions to this, please let me know.

Also - what is the latest possible version of PDM that can be used with a PIX 525 running IOS v.7.2.4? I'm thinking 2.11 may be a little outdated. Thanks.


Re: Installing PDM on Pix 525

you need asdm-524.bin

i think the file you're trying to download is for the firewall services module.

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