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Integrating ASA with ACS/RSA and LDAP at the same time

Dear Team

I have WebVPN (SSL VPN) configured on ASA-5510 (version 8.0.5) integrated with ACS orRSA.

Now i also want to integrate this WebVPN with LDAP in parallel with ACS or RSA.


The objective is that if i type one URL then ASA should give me a login page which should be integrated with ACS or RSA and when i type other URL then ASA should give me a login page which should be integrated with LDAP



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Hi,I don't think this would


I don't think this would be available on the ASA 8.0.x code.

Check this:-

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

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Dear VibhorI have a

Dear Vibhor

I have a requirement to integrate the Cisco VPN (Cisco VPN Client for Remote Access IPSec VPNs etc.) with OTP system (One Time Password) only.

I already have OTP system deployed in my network. And i already have remote access VPN configured on the ASA , now i have a requirement to integrate users which are using Remote access VPN to integrate with currently deployed OTP system. I want to know what configuration needs to be done on the ASA.

After the integration of Remote Access VPN client with OTP, Is it possible that VPN client will first only prompt username and password fild will be grayed out or remain blank or not not shown and when i click ok after putting username then it will prompt for OTP password.

My OTP server supports http protocol. Is it possible to integrate remote access VPN client with OTP server using http protocol.


Appreciate your response on this.

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Dear VibhorAppreciate if you

Dear Vibhor

Appreciate if you could spare some time to respond on the requested query.

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