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Interface as a DHCP client

Hey Folks,

I've set up my outside vlan as so:

interface Vlan2

nameif outside

security-level 0

ip address dhcp setroute

I need to release the IP address that that interface got dynamicly from the ISP. Kinda like doing a "ipconfig /release" on a windows based box.

Does anyone know the command to do this?




Re: Interface as a DHCP client


The quickest way .. go to the interface VLAN2

and do a shut no shut. That should force an IP to be re-assigned.

I hope it helps !!!


Re: Interface as a DHCP client

sounds like u want no ip address on your asa.

i know that's not right, so can you tell us what you really want accomplished here.

you can '/renew' by retyping 'ip address dhcp setroute', but that's not what you want.

shut down your isp equipment for at least a minute, then turn it back on.

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Re: Interface as a DHCP client

What's going on is that I'm helping a friend who's on the verizon fios network. Verizon gives their customers a all-in-one modem/router/wireless ap device that he really dislikes, so he set it to bridge mode, therefore turning off all routing functions. This allowed the interface on the ASA to aquire a global ip address while plugged into the verizon device.

Verizon came out with a new modem/router wireless ap device that he wants to try. He read on the instruction manual that before the new device is installed, he must release the IP address, otherwise the new one will not get an address. So with this in mind, that's why he wanted to know if there was a gracefull way to relese the IP rather than just turning it off.

Unless there is a way to just release the ip address on the ASA, i'll just do as you suggested and have him turn it off, wait a few mins, and plug in the new device to see what happens.



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