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New Member

ip inspect problem

I have a problem with ip inspect on a C 827 router.

When i want make a connection to outbound it can not make a session with ip inspect firewall. When is use the command sh ip inspect session i don`t see details. If i disable access-list then everything works fine.

I hope sombody can help my.

New Member

Re: ip inspect problem

I have make some test. When i do a telnet with ip-adres then works everything good. The problemen is with dns resolve and ip inspect. I have add# ip name-server X.X.X.X but is does helping. I hope somebody can help.

New Member

Re: ip inspect problem

This doesnt solve your problem, but I wanted to point it out.

Remove 'ip inspect dns-timeout 30' as this is synonymous with 'ip inspect name firewall udp' because when you inspect UDP, the UDP/53 falls into this category and the default UDP idle-timeout is 30 seconds.

Unless you increase/decrease the timeout value (in seconds) for 'dns-timeout,' you dont need the command.

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