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New Member

Is it possible (pix 6.3) to change rule base line number ordering ?

Is it possible (with pix 6.3) to change the rule base line number ordering from incremental integers to base 10 line numbering ? I mean that right now the rulebase lines are line 1, line 2 line 3 etc. Can I change these into Line 10, 20 , 30? The purpose of this to facilitate future insertion of further lines (eg lines 11 to 19 between 10 and 20). I am asking this in respect of the top down processing of pix rulebase. Thanks

New Member

Re: Is it possible (pix 6.3) to change rule base line number ord

You don't necessary need to do it that way. If you need to insert an ACE between two existing ACE specify the line where you want this new ACE to be insterted. Example:

access-list acl_in extended permit ip any any

access-list acl_in extended permit icmp any any

#show access-list

access-list acl_in line 1 permit ip any any

access-list acl_in line 2 permit icmp any any

If you type the following line will move ACE to the next line number and keep moving ACEs to next line number if more access-list exist.

In other words will enter the new ACE and push down the existing ACEs

access-list acl_in line 2 extended permit ...

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