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Issue with OSPF between PIX and 7507 Router


I am facing a problem in ospf running between cisco pix 525e and cisco router 7507.

the configuration was fine uptill now and worked for around one year but yesterday we faced issues.

The ospf flapped between the devices and we lost entire connectivity. We have seen a syslog in router saying that "too many retransmissions" after that the BVI interface between firewall and the router went to the OSPF DOWN state. First we thought that it was a Failover issue with the pix but after we shut down the secondary it went fine for sometime but again occured again. The recurrance of the problem is ramdom. Please help us identify the problem.

is it a failover issue with the pix or it is a ospf issue in the firewall or router.

Thanks in advance

Message was edited by: Debabrata Mitra I am attaching the router logs for better understanding.......

I am also attaching the debug ospf output from the firewall when the problem occured. Another thing is it happans for very short time around 10-15 secs and the ospf comes up again. One interesting fact is that when the pixs are in failover mode the issue is more frequent than when onlu one pix is operational.

Cisco Employee

Re: Issue with OSPF between PIX and 7507 Router

Would you have the logs from the firewall? If so, pls. upload that as well and indicate the time of the problem approximately.

Most of the time these are caused by rops/mtu mismatch qos etc

There probably isn't enough data collected at the time of the problem to arrive at a root cause.

ospf debugs,  extendded ping with 1500 mtu and df set need to be collected at the time of the issue.


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