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Java Application to internet

I have a Java Application that connect to some server over the internet. After i installed PIX 501 on my network i am unable to connect my application to its server.Without pix its works great.

In local computer log i can see the application connecting on

( is the ip of the server that i have changed)

Any idea ?


Re: Java Application to internet

Hi ..

Well first of all you need to find out which ports and which IP address that application needs to communicate with. Once you have those details .. it is just a matter of allowing that access on the PIX and you also need to create a PAT translation for the internal host to make it routable on the Internet.

For example let's say that your internal host is; the public server is and the port that the internal host needs to communicate is tcp/6200 .. then you will need:

1.- create an access-list to allow this access

access-list Inside-Out permit tcp host host eq 6200

2.- Apply that access-list to the inside interface of your firewall.

access-group Inside-Out in interface inside

3.- Create a PAT to allow the host to be routable on the Internet

global (inside) 1 interface

nat (inside) 1 access-list Inside-Out

The above is just an example for your reference.

I hope it helps .. please rate helpful posts !!!

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