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LMS 3.0 - one box stuck in pre-deployment

Hopefully someone has an idea what this might be, I may be going batty. I have a list of devices core devices I'm manually inputting into the Credential Manager, then grouping together, then running the initial sync archive job on. Once I get a success on all core devices I can start automating the backups.

At any rate, I have had pretty good luck so far with everything but one box. "cs2" refuses to move from pre-deployment within RME. I have its counterpart "cs1" in there and it was never stuck in pre-deployment.

So far I have:

- Resubmitted the device within RME

- Run a complete polling job

- Run sync archive on a group after manually adding it to a group

- Deleted and re-added the device 3 times, each time taking special care with the credentials

- Pinged the device from the command line of the LMS box

- SSH'd into the box with the user/pass LMS has

- Triple-checked the acls on the device itself (they are the same as cs1)

I have no net-snmp box handy, and the failure notification keeps telling me that SNMP auth fails. I am getting nutty because cs1 has the exact same SNMP community string and acl and works fine.

Any ideas would be great.

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Re: LMS 3.0 - one box stuck in pre-deployment

Ok, this was a PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair). There was a second acl in the way, which was something I could only see *after* posting to the world that I couldn't figure this out.

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