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Load Balancing using a ASA 5510 and two separate ISPs

Can an ASA 5510 load balance over two ISPs (i.e. send and receive traffic over two different connections simultaneously)?

I know the unit has Dual-ISP support so if one ISP fails it can re-route the traffic through the other ISP but can it utilise both circuits and take advantage of both connections simultaneously?

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Re: Load Balancing using a ASA 5510 and two separate ISPs


Though ASA?PIX do not support load balancing or packet shaping but lets say you have 2 ISP's, the traffic can be divided based on the routes you apply on the firewall

a simple example would be

route outside x.x.x.x

route outside y.y.y.y

here x.x.x.x will be your ISP1 and y.y.y.y will be the ISP2

this way the traffic can be divided between the 2 ISP's however this is just a workaround and is not a complete load balancing solution.

Though Load balancing can be configured on Cisco routers but it is not a supported feature on ASA/PIX firewall.

Let me know if you have any other questions

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