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New Member

Many ip address over 1 physical interface without 802.1q

Hi, how can I set 3 ip address from different networks in the same physical interface in an ASA 8.X?

I have tried setting one ip for the interface and the other two with static translation, but it doesn`t work.

for example an echo request from outside to a "virtual ip" defined with an static traslation accepts the echo request to the inside ip, then the host answer with an echo reply but the ASA do not send the packet through the outside interface.

I have checked with captures and in packet tracer shows that the packet is allowed but shows ? in the Output interface. Line ? Link ?

I know that share many ip address in an ASA interface without 802.1q could be not the best implementation, but I need to replace a router that is doing this task easily with secondaries ip addresses.

Thanks a lot for your help

Cisco Employee

Re: Many ip address over 1 physical interface without 802.1q

This is not going to be possible without using 802.1q trunking At least that I know of : ). How are you doing this on the router without using sub-interfaces and linking them to a trunk?

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