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Marking Voice traffic on ASA5505 for Prioritization

Is there a way to mark voice traffic with dscp values on an ASA5505? Specifically, I need to mark voice traffic for prioritization from a Cisco 7960 phone that is directly connected to one of the POE ports on the ASA5505. I know how to prioritize dscp traffic on the ASA, but I need to be able to mark the voice signal and rtp traffic between the phone and the 3des vpn connected call managers and other voice networks.

Can the marking be done on the ASA?

Below is a configuration example for prioritizing dscp traffic, and below that the commands I wish existed for marking the traffic:

ASA commands to prioritize the dscp marked packets:

class-map voip-sig

match dscp cs3

class-map voip-rtp

match dscp af31

policy-map voip-qos-policy

class voip-sig


class voip-rtp


service-policy voip-qos-policy interface outside

The "set dscp xx" command that I wish existed on the ASA's:

policy-map voip-qos

class voip-signal

match access-list voip-signal-qos

set dscp cs3

class voip-rtp

match access-list voip-rtp-qos

set dscp ef

match access-list voip-signal-qos

access-list voip-signal-qos remark VoIP Signal traffic

access-list voip-signal-qos extended permit tcp eq 2000

match access-list voip-rtp-qos

access-list voip-rtp-qos remark VoIP RTP Data traffic

access-list voip-rtp-qos permit udp range 16384 32767

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Re: Marking Voice traffic on ASA5505 for Prioritization

Any feedback on this? Looks like I will be opening another tac case. :(

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