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Migrating from ASA5505 7.2 to ASA5510 8.3

We have ASA5505 running 7.2 and will be replacing the unit with ASA5510 shipped with 8.3 - better performance.

Do we save the running config in the current asdm 5.2 and then import the config somehow in asdm 6.2?

Or is it easier to cut and paste into the CLI from old to new?

There is no migration guide using asdm posted on Cisco site......

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Re: Migrating from ASA5505 7.2 to ASA5510 8.3

Hi Timothy,

I understand that you will be upgrading and migrating to a new ASA device.  The easiest way to upgrade the ASA would be to first go to 8.2 code on your 5505.  Then upgrade your 5505 to 8.3 code which will upgrade your configuration to 8.3.  You can then copy and paste but you will have to also make sure that you adjust the interfaces and other things which are different between 5505 vs. 5510.     Also, We  only recommend and support going from 8.2 to 8.3 due to the number of massive changes to the configuration.   I'll include a netpro doc link which has a lot of good information.  Upon loading up of the new 8.3 code, the configuration will be auto migrated.  I'll include a migration doc that you will need to read and understand as there are alot of changes to the code.

Its advisable to do this through the cli by following one of the docs available online.  Be sure also that your 5510 has the memory upgrade which is required for 8.3.

8.3 upgrade info:

8.3 migration info:

8.3 release notes with instructions to upgrade:



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Re: Migrating from ASA5505 7.2 to ASA5510 8.3

EDIT: Scott beat me to it...please disregard

Hi Timothy,

ASA 8.3 requires ASDM 6.3, so you would have to follow a process like this:

1. Upgrade the 5510 to 8.2

2. Load ASDM 6.3 on the 5510

3. Import the 5505 config into the 5510

4. Upgrade the 5510 to 8.3

Hope that helps.


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Re: Migrating from ASA5505 7.2 to ASA5510 8.3

Thanks guys for the quick response.

All Cisco documentation states there are major changes in ASA 8.3 and we wanted to make sure our current config would migrate as intact as possible(with noted exceptions).

Respectfully - Timothy Moore

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