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Missing images on Web pages

We just started using the ASA 5510 with the CSC module. We have a development Webserver in DMZ. From within the LAN we see a lot of broken images when accessing web pages on the development web server in the DMZ and Web pages outside our network. The missing images issue occur more frequently with Internet Explorer and less often with Firefox or Chrome. This problem also occurs when we VPN into our network and access any web setver!

In case this is related - The CSC CPU Utilization is between 60 and 100% a lot of the time.

Any pointers on where I should look?




Re: Missing images on Web pages

Check if webvpn is enabled. If so try disabling it.

config-webvpn# cache

config-webvpn-cache# disable

Please go to (on ASDM) Config > VPN > WebVPN > Cache, and uncheck the

"Enable Cache". Then reload the ASA.

If webvpn cache is disabled but the page still doesn't load, then something contained in that page is not supported via clientless webvpn. Because of the complexity of the webpage, not every web content is supported.

2. If #1 does not help, please keep the cache disabled and try proxy-bypass:

config-webvpn# proxy-bypass interface port 20001 target rewrite link

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Re: Missing images on Web pages

Thanks for the reply...

We are using IPSEC VPN.

Also this problem is pronounced inside the firewall when accessing web pages on the internet or the DMZ!


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