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MITEL 3000 through MPLS onto ASA 5510

Hi All

Setup MPLS and can see all data traffic no issues but when I try to move the Mitel phone system through too MPLS it fails. My setup is:


ASA: (Inside) & 80.x.x.x (Outside)

Internal Phone

External via ISP

External via MPLS (All bar MPLS phones work)

Internal:>>  - Phone work
ISP External:>80.x.x.x> - Phone work
MPLS External:>80.x.x.x>????? (should be going to  I can ping the ASA via the phone no issues. But the phone fails to connect to the ASA and therefore fails to initialize.

Data on the MPLS works fine, But voice (Mitel 3000) fails. Is it possible the ASA is getting the voip data (since I can ping via the MPLS) but it fails to forward data to the Mitel due to the port redirect / NAT rules being on the INSIDE interface and not on the OUTSIDE interface.  Do we need to be duplicated access list to the OUTSIDE interface?

I would really love on help

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