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Module of ASA5515-X

    I have a question.

    Does ASA5515-X support ASA-SSM-CSC-10-K9=? If not, what module does ASA5515-X support instead of ASA-SSM-CSC-10-K9=?


Module of ASA5515-X

Hello Liwei,

There is no such module on the X-versions for those services.

Remember that starting on 5500-X we now use software based application IPS, etc.

You might want to read about this link:

Where Cisco defines what this new ASA's brings into place, so for your Content aware question you are looking for this:

pplication Visibility and Control (AVC), which recognizes over 1000 applications and more than 75,000 micro-applications, enabling administrators to enforce individual- and group-based access to specific components of an application while disabling others. Specific behaviors within allowed micro-applications can also be controlled.

– Web Security Essentials (WSE) enables reputation-based web application security policies. In addition, WSE enables robust content-based URL filtering with differentiated access policies based on user, group, device, and role.

– Cisco IPS, the only solution that combines passive OS fingerprinting and reputation for better threat mitigation.

– Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS), which provides exceptional threat protection and control for organizations of all sizes, delivered through the cloud.

– Cisco ASA Botnet Traffic Filter (BTF), which monitors network ports across all ports and protocols for rogue activity, and detects infected internal endpoints sending command and control traffic back to a host on the Internet.

WSE, IPS, and CWS use threat intelligence feeds from Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) for advanced web reputation analysis and near-real-time protection from zero-day threats. For more information on how SIO helps IPSs control threats in real-life production environments, visit:


Check my blog at for further information.

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