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MS Office Communicator & ASA

Recently moved my department over to a separate internet connection from what we had been using.  Running into an intermittent problem where outbound traffic from office communicator (phone calls) seems to be getting a little garbled at the termination point where the handoff is made to the telco.

At this point, I have a 10 MB internet connection with less than 10 people on the network.  Dont really expect the problem to be on our side.  Is there anything that I can do in terms of Modular Policy Framework configurations to help the MS Office Communicator calls be as good a quality as possible ?



MS Office Communicator & ASA

Hi Ronald,

There should not be any issue with the BW for 10 MB shared to just 10 people. You can try out with the policing the traffic for communicator.

Make sure that SIP is included in the global policy inspect.

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Re: MS Office Communicator & ASA


I suggest the following:

- Enable Netflow to get a good understanding of what sort of traffic is the traversing link.

- On your switch interface that connects to the inside interface of the ASA rate limit less important traffic such as web browsing and FTP.

- Enable SNMP and monitor the bandwidth consumption on your outside interface.

- Check both the inside and outside interfaces of your firewall for any errors.



Re: MS Office Communicator & ASA

Hi Bro

No matter what people tell you, please don’t use Quality of Service (QoS) at the workstation level with OCS. What you really need here is to enable the Cisco ASA Priority Queuing feature. Please refer to this URL for further details Paste these configs here, and let me know how it goes.


access-list ACL_DATA permit ip any any


class-map CM_DATA

match access-list ACL_DATA


class-map CM_VOICE

match dscp ef


policy-map PM_VOICE

class CM_DATA

police output 10000000  

class CM_VOICE



service-policy PM_VOICE interface outside


priority-queue outside

queue-limit 2048

tx-ring-limit 256

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Warm regards, Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam Technical Specialist/Service Delivery Manager – Managed Service Department
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