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MS Windows Media Player streams through an ASA5510

I've just replaced a PIX 515 with an ASA5510 and have lost connectivity between a remote host running MS Windows Media Player trying to stream video back to a Windows Media Server behind the firewall.

I've opened all TCP/UDP ports inbound to the server from any source IP, to no avail. When I put the PIX 515 back, the problem goes away. Port blocking is not the issue, since all inbound ports are open from any IP.

Is there an 'inspect' statement or some other configuration in the new ASA that needs to be added, so it will pass the video stream as it works in the PIX 515?

Will Cisco TAC assist in an issue that may or may not be application related?

Thanks for any tips or direction,


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Re: MS Windows Media Player streams through an ASA5510

I fixed it:

CSCsd82714 Bug: RTSP fails with Windows media player


RTSP stream setup is failing with "inspect rtsp" enabled for clients to a

statically translated server behind the firewall


Client on the outside is connecting to a server behind the PIX. The server

has a static configured and access-lists allowing this traffic:

static (DMZ,outside) netmask

access-list outside_access_in permit ip any host

access-group outside_access_i in interface outside

Setting up a connection, the client information is passed to the server.

The server information is passed back to the host. The host then sends a

reset before the SETUP message is passed


Disable "inspect rtsp" within the configuration

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